Dermafix Cosmeceutical Skincare is distributed through a vast network of dermatologists, skincare professionals, doctors and medi-spas. Driven by a vision to provide advanced cosmeceuticals that make a difference for superior skin care, Dermafix delivers visible results and clinical ingredients at an affordable price. It represents dermatologically approved and clinically effective products formulated for the correction, prevention and protection of the skin.

Nature, science and technology have evolved to produce purer, more stable and effective ingredients which give the product greater efficacy and longer usable life. Natural ingredients are used as often as possible using only the purest botanicals, advanced natural phytonutrients in liposomes, stem cells and the latest peptide technologies. Dermafix offers effective and superior solutions for anti ageing, hyperpigmentation, scarring, stretch marks and healthy skin maintenance.

Environmentally conscious, Dermafix does not engage in or support animal testing. In an effort to reduce carbon print, Dermafix’s contribution is to be free of excessive packaging and using recycled materials.

Here at MIBA we are proud to offer our clientele a range that we 100% believe in and tested on ourselves first, is clinically effective, backed by research, cutting edge and affordable. We are all about easy to use, super effective and affordable skin care and visible real results, no fuss. You will never look back!

Martina and Team xx

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